Winnebago Free Library

winter intern Anna Berridge

Take a book, return a book.

That’s the idea behind the new free library in Winnebago, NE.

Each year, Flatwater Group’s parent company Ho-Chunk, Inc. works with college interns to help on meaningful community projects. The little library is an ongoing intern project to increase book access and promote reading.

“It warms my heart seeing our interns directly help the community, and develop new skills in the process,” said Felicia Masquat, Ho-Chunk, Inc.’s Education and Youth Coordinator.

The group of summer 2020 interns kicked off the project, sourcing a range of new books for various ages and interests.

They worked with the Facilities/Grounds team to design and build a freestanding structure. It was recently stocked with books by a winter intern, Anna Berridge (pictured).

A second, outdoor little library is planned for the Land of Wellness complex. Community members are encouraged to use the library, and donate new or used books to help replenish the library.

A donation box is next to the library inside Village Place, along with disinfecting wipes when returning books.

“We hope these little libraries make it easier to explore the joys of reading, and discover new books from a selection that continuously refreshes,” Felicia said.

Flatwater Group and Ho-Chunk, Inc. are active partners in the Winnebago community.